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Williston Financial Group, LLC got its start in 2009 with the goal of acquiring various title insurance and real estate settlement businesses. The company is dedicated to minimizing the hassle and costs associated with real estate transactions and can help reduce the time required to close a loan or transfer a property. We have a Financial Stability Rating of A’ (A prime) and can give our clients the confidence they need to successfully navigate title issues.

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Williston Financial Group strives to provide for all your title and settlement needs.

Williston Financial Group has made it our mission to reduce the time and cost needed to settle real estate transactions. We do so by constantly acquiring companies that can streamline the process for our clients. We have acquired a number of title insurance, closing and real estate settlement companies in the past few years, including:

  • WFG Lender Services
  • WFG National Title Insurance
  • WFG Title Insurance Company
  • WFG National Title Company of Washington

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